Executive Order No. 027, Series of 2022

An Order Adopting and Establishing the Guidelines in the Wearing of Facemasks and the Continued Implementation of Minimum Public Health Standards Pursuant to Executive Order No. 03 Issued by His Excellency President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. Dated September 12, 2022

Executive Order No. 003, Series of 2022

An Order Lifting the Implementation of the “Quick Response” (“QR”) Code via AkQuiRe System as a Requirement for Returning Aklanons and Travellers as Embodied in Executive Order No. 009, Series of 2022

Executive Order No. 007, Series of 2022

An Order Adopting the Guidelines Provided by the National Inter-Agency Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) on the Implementation of Alert Level System 2 for Covid-19 Response in the Province of Aklan

Executive Order No. 001-A, Series of 2022

An order amending Executive Order No. 001, Series of 2022 entitled “An Order Providing Guidelines on the Implementation of Restrictions on the Movement of Persons in and out of the Province of Aklan as well as Protocols to be Observed under the Alert Level System for COVID-19 Response”