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16 new HIV cases were recorded in Aklan from January to June 2020 according to DOH 6. This sums up to 272 cases in the province from 1986 to June 2020. Data shows that HIV transmission is still continuing despite the threat brought by pandemic.

PHO in partnerhip with DRSTMH Social Hygiene Clinic, gathered all trained Community-Based HIV Screening Motivators for a consultative meeting to discuss concerns and revitalize the provincial HIV response. With technical assistance from Dr. Leilanie Barrios and Ms. Debbie Villaflor, a strategic direction was set by the province to guide our community-based screening motivators in encouraging and conducting testing among the most-at-risk groups and populations.

3 HIV-related deaths were also recorded in Aklan from January to June 2020 by the DOH6.