Through the Aklan Gender and Development Commission

18 Day Campaign to End VAW


Since 2002, the Philippine government has been actively joining the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence that is being observed globally from November 25 to December 10. Said campaign calls for the elimination of all forms of violence against women through awareness-raising about gender-based violence, strengthening local work and establishing a clear link between local and international work to end VAW, among other undertakings.

In November 17, 2006, Presidential Proclamation No. 1172 extends the Philippine celebration to 18 days, to include December 12 which is known as the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Day. This PP 1172 Declares November 25 To December 12 Of Every Year As The “18Day Campaign to End Violence against Women in the Philippines”. And mandates all Local Government Units and all the other sectors of society to actively support and participate in the protection of human rights of women against violence and all other forms of discrimination.

The Provincial Campaign to End VAW

In 2012, the Aklan Police Provincial Office Women and Children’s Protection Desk has recorded 280 Violence Against Women cases. In 2013 it increased by 145% recording 406 cases, and tripled in 2014 recording 856. This statistic continues to rise with 748 cases in 2015 and 956 recorded last year 2016. Prompted by the continuing escalation in reported VAW cases, the Provincial Government of Aklan through the Aklan GAD Commission chaired by Gov. Florencio T. Miraflores took the responsibility in putting up mechanisms and strategies to prevent Violence Against Women and Children.

AGADC strongly believes that no girl-children and women should be abused in the Province, and as we continue our journey to a VAW-free community, we encourage everyone to take the cudgels in ensuring that VAW has no place in our community.

 The 2017 18-Day Campaign To End VAW

In 2016, the Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women (IACVAWC) adopted the theme “VAW-free community starts with Me” for the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW). The Council also agreed that the said theme shall be used every year from 2016 to 2021.

The theme shifts the 18-Day Campaign To End VAW to positive advocacy as it enjoins everyone to pursue the common vision of a VAW-free community, and highlights what can be done to achieve such. 

Results of the National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2013 show that one out of five (20%) of women aged 15 to 49 years has experienced physical violence. The NDHS is conducted every five years. It should be noted that survey results are more indicative of the prevalence of violence in the country, since the administrative data on number of clients served by service providers like the police, social workers, and health workers only capture cases reported to these offices. Considering such prevalence, the 2017 Campaign to End VAW shall focus on Primary Prevention, to reduce incidents of VAW in the country. 

The 2017 campaign approach is to make people understand VAW from the point of view of victim-survivors. It is hoped that such deeper understanding would ignite compassion from stakeholders, so that they would not commit, condone, or remain silent about VAW. For service providers, such compassion towards victim-survivors would encourage them to provide better services to their clients.

Provincial Activities

1. 18 Day Campaign Kick Off Activity
Flag Raising Ceremony with 18 Day Campaign Overview (November 20)
Wear your Orange T-Shirts

 2. Gender Sensitivity Training for Aklan Rehabilitation Employees
(November 22-23)

 3. Gender Sensitive Media Training
(November 24) @ PGO Conference Room
RP: Commissioner Cristita Triunfante, Phil. Commission on Women, Commisioner on Education

4. Kapihan sa Aklan
(November 25)

 5. VAW Laws Training for VAW Desk Officers
(November 29)

6. Advocacy Campaign Project
A) AGADC Logo Contest
B) Poster Making Contest
C) Video Making Contest
D) MOVE Group Selfie Contest
(November 15 – Deadline of submission of entries, winners will receive their awards on December 12)

 7. Queen of Aklan Pageant in observance of the World AIDS Day
(November 30)

 8. World AIDS Day
(December 1)

 9. MOVE Congress
(December 8)

 10. Learning Session on Men’s Role on the Anti-VAWC Provision on Perpetrator’s Reformation
(December 9)

 11. 4th Governor’s Search for Best Barangay VAW Desk Awarding Ceremonies
(December 12)

 12. Orange Your Icon for 18 Days Advocay Initiative – 25 November to 12 December 2017
(November 25-December 12)

Now on its third year in the Philippines, the ORANGE YOUR ICON FOR 18 DAYS ADVOCACY INTITATIVE aims to strengthen the anti-VAW advocacy by enjoining new audiences to join the cause to end VAW. The idea is to attract the public’s curiosity on why major landmarks or icons nationwide are colored orange, thereby providing opportunities for advocates to explain the Anti-VAW advocacy. By participating in this initiative, government offices and private organizations are declaring their support to the anti-VAW advocacy and zero-tolerance for VAW to the public’s attention.

 13. Hanging of Streamers and Online advocacy 
(November 25-December 12)

Official hashtag: #VAWfreePH

 14. Production and Distribution of Advocacy Materials 
(November 25-December 12)

Live a Life Free from VAW. A life free from VAW – it’s our right! Freedom from VAW starts with knowing and respecting each person’s rights. You can help end VAW by doing the following:

Never commit VAW. Never condone VAW. Never remain silent about VAW.

If you are, or you know someone who is a victim of VAW: Seek help from sympathetic family members and friends. Report and seek the help of the barangay, social worker, police, NBI, or public attorney’s office nearest you.

Spread the word. Freedom from VAW is everyone’s concern. Be a firm advocate and partner in ending VAW. Know more about VAW and share the information with everyone. Support efforts within your school, workplace of community to eliminate VAW and achieve our vision of a VAW-free community. #VAWfreePH