Activities:January to May 2014

• Deployed 500 units concrete artificial reef project for resource enhancement and expansion of existing artificial reef site
• Conducted underwater assessment of 3 newly established marine fish sanctuaries
• Installed four (4) units marker buoys and determined exact area of the proposed marine fish sanctuary
• Distributed 53,000 tilapia fingerlings to 46 inland and upland fishfarmersin four (4) municipalities for freshwater fish production in line with GobyernosaBaryoProgram.
• Distributed 7,000 freshwater prawn fry to 3 inland fishfarmers.
• Distributed 110 motorboat engines and boat accessories to 110 municipal fisherfolksin 11 coastal municipalities
• Distributed project materials intended for 80 seaweeds farmers in four (4) municipalities
• Trained 80 seaweeds farmers/cooperators for seaweeds culture project.

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