KALIBO, Aklan, December 11 (PIA6) — The Provincial Health Office (PHO) is reminding Aklanons not to use firecrackers this holiday season.

According to Dr. Victor Santamaria, Provincial Health Officer II, the campaign against firecracker use is being implemented by the Department of Health (DOH) and downloaded to PHOs with the aim of preventing injuries caused by firecrackers.

The campaign also includes a warning against firing guns.

“Instead of firecrackers, we can use other objects that create noise to welcome the New Year like trumpets or drums”, Dr. Santamaria told Aklanons through an interview over a local radio station here.

The campaign on Iwas Paputok advocated yearly by the government, according to Dr. Santamaria, had been very helpful in lessening the number of firecracker victims in the province.

“Perhaps those who had been victims also helped in disseminating information that exploding firecrackers is very dangerous”, Santamaria said.

In the same radio interview, Santamaria also warned Aklanons against eating or consuming too much food at Christmas parties, especially those loaded with fats and cholesterol.

He said foods loaded with fats and cholesterol abound during the holiday season that can cause hypertension attacks and other health problems to people.

He said however that with the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda which caused much damage to houses and livelihood of Aklanons, holding parties could be minimal, which would translate to lesser consumption of fatty foods by partygoers. (JCM/VGV PIA6 Aklan)

Press/Photo release/s from Philippine Information Agency-Aklan