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Provincial Human Resource Management Office (PHRMO) conducted a 2-day training entitled “First Step to Psychosocial Support: A learning Session for Psychosocial Support Team”. The main objective of this is to ensure the mental health of employees in the workplace is protected through development of policies and implementation of Psychosocial Support programs and activities.

The office invited 3 resource persons to share their expertise on Mental Health, namely Dr. Ramona S. Magayanes, Dr. Mitz Serofia and Ms. Psyche Mae Villorente-Ruiz for the learning session.

Dr. Serofia talked about the Importance of Resilience and Building Resilience, Dr. Magayanes discussed Mental Health Awareness while Ms. Ruiz explained the First Step of Psychosocial First Aid.

During the session, a Psychosocial Support Team was established which is composed of employees from different offices.

Lets break the stigma. Prioritize your Mental Health.