Based on the 2010 Population Census, the province of Aklan has a population of 535,725 or 7.54 percent of the region’s total population which makes it the second smallest province in terms of population size in Region VI and 54th in the country, having 295 persons living on a km², and with an annual growth rate of 1.73.

As of 2010, the municipality with a largest population in Aklan is Kalibo at 74,619. Aside from Kalibo, other municipalities which are among the top five in population size are: Malay (45,811), Ibajay (45,279), New Washington (42,112) and Banga (38,063).

On the other hand, the three least populated municipalities are Lezo (14,518), Buruanga (16,962) and Madalag (18,168). The last two are the farthest municipalities from Kalibo while Lezo is the smallest municipality in terms of not just population but also in land area.

On population doubling time,the population of the province is expected to double in 40 years if the growth rate of 1.73 remains constant or it will reach to 1,071,450 in 2050, a very alarming figure which would mean that the number of population susceptible to hazard will also double (per Hazard Map). In other words, the 196,664 population in high susceptible area (HAS) per table on Risk to Population from Flood Individual Areas shall have the probability of becoming more than 390,000 in 40 years.