Thank you for opening our survey! How’s your tourism experience in the local destinations? Please help us know how we are doing as a tourism destination by answering the survey.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) Tourism Product Market Survey (TPMS) is a visitor sampling survey to assess particular tourism products and our tourism destinations’ performance. It is implemented in collaboration with the Province of Aklan.

Aside from letting us know visitors’ overall profiles and travel characteristics, the TPMS is also an essential source of indicators for economic impact. The output will be a necessary element in making the destination sustainable, competitive, and beneficial to the livelihood of local stakeholders. It will support the development of specific tourism products and complimentary activities for more holistic growth in tourism.

Following the Data Privacy Law of 2012, DOT shall protect the data you have provided. We will not disclose or process personal or sensitive information.

The email address that you have provided will not be disclosed to anyone outside the project. It will only be served as the unique respondent entry key. It may also be used to communicate the results with you should you wish to have them.

Should you wish to help DOT and the local destination management offices implement the survey by including it on your website, other online platforms, or in your promotional materials, kindly contact the survey management staff thru this email,

1. There are questions on the survey that you may not answer, and the survey will proceed to the next section.
2. There are shortened words or acronyms on some of the items being asked. Kindly ignore them as they are just codes to be used during the processing of the survey.