What can ALTAVAS offer?

Festivals and Events

ALTAVAS STO. NIÑO FESTIVAL – It is the day that signifies the end of the Fil-American war in the Municipality of Altavas. From then on, January 22 has become the official date of celebration for the town’s Annual Thanksgiving and Armistice Day. Later, the date was adopted as its municipal town fiesta. This is the continuation of the joyous celebration of peace upon the conclusion of the war that took place in the said town.

Spots and Attractions

HISTORICAL MARKER OF GENERAL ANANIAS DIOKNO – The late General Anianas headed the expedition force in Panay in 1899. He was captured in Barangay Dalipdip, Altavas, Aklan during the Philippine-American war in 1901. In recognition of his gallantry and contribution to the katipunan, he was recognized by the Altavas Historical Research Society, Incorporated (AHRS) as a valued historical property of Altavas, Aklan.

TINAGONG DAGAT – 8 kms. in length and 4 kms. wide situated between the municipalities of Altavas and Batan, partly hidden from the Batan Bay view by two islets, fringed with thick mangroves and undergrowth, and rocky beaches.

Altavas is blessed with natural resources and scenic attractions, potential as tourist destinations once fully developed. Barangay Talon as the name suggests is home to several water falls and even caves. “Talon” means water falls in English. Agtutoe-an and Quinasay-an Water Falls are both found in Barangay Talon. Kipot and Suhot caves are also situated in the same district. Kipot is a local term that means “narrow” while suhot means “to pass through.” Macawiwili Falls on the other hand is in Barangay Cabugao.

Products and Produce

Puto Seko is a dried rice cake delicacy made only in this town.