What can BALETE offer?

Festivals and Events

ENCHANTING BALETE – This is also Balete’s own annual civic and religious fiesta emphasizing on the rich culture and traditions of Baleten-ons.

KULTURA BALETE – Highlighting the Culture and Arts month and the Enchanting Balete festival, this mixed cultural event is celebrated every February and October. Some of the activities are cultural presentations, art exhibits, agro-fishery and trade fair, symposia, art contest, etc.

Spots and Attractions

AGTAWAGON HILL – It is the area that once served as a camp and the last line of defense of Filipino soldiers and guerillas during World War ll.

BASURA GARDEN – The name of this place is derived from the owner’s collection of artifacts, antiques, including recyclable garbage materials from the native Baleten-on folks. Among those that were transformed into works of arts the observer would gape at are a broken shoe that was subsequently turned into a beautiful flower vase, an ordinary stone framed to portray realities which many oftentimes ignore. The artworks are setup inside the private garden purposely to create a haven of inspiration for the owner’s family, to evoke their innate creative nature or talent. Hence, friends and guests who enter the place likewise get inspiration, announcing to the outside world there is a small haven of art that exists in this town of Balete, for all to see.

KABUHI-AN CENTER – A brainchild of then Congresswoman and now Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo which serve as a skills training center for livelihood projects, to equip the Aklanon artisans and craftsmen, the women sector, the farmers and fisher-folks alike having an attitude of entrepreneurship, and to make the products of Aklanons competitive for both the local and global market. It also serves as exhibition center or showroom of the best of the Aklan products, and as marketing center purposely to promote Aklan products.

Products and Produce

Agricultural and fishery of which the most notable are piña cloth, nito craft, pinipig, rambutan, oysters, crabs, prawns (both brackish and freshwater).