What can BANGA offer?

Festivals and Events

SAGUIBIN FESTIVAL – Saguibin is an Aklanon term which means to help one another. It is within this context of reviving the true spirit of cooperation and understanding among Bangahons that gave birth to the celebration of Saguibin festival. This event is geared to promote the tourism potential of Banga, integrate its cultural heritage and sustain economic gains in the future.

PAG AEAW-AEAW – A re-enactment of Banga Crossing massacre perpetuated by the Japanese Imperial Forces during the Filipino-Japanese war. Hundreds of innocent Filipino died at the hands of Japanese forces trying to invade the Philippines during the world war II. To commemorate the event, it is re-enacted yearly to honor the memory of 223 Banganhon who were victims of Japanese atrocities in the year 1942.

Spots and Attractions

AKLAN STATE UNIVERSITY(ASU) – is the oldest agricultural school in Aklan. ASU is considered as one of the institutions of learning in Western Visayas. It started as the Banga Intermediate School in 1917 through a resolution passed by the Provincial Board headed by Governor Simeon Mobo. The school became a farm school with the conversion of the Banga Intermediate School into the Capiz Farm School (Aklan being a part of Capiz then), which was formally opened in June 1918.

MANDUYOG HILL – Named after an ancient ruler Datu Manduyog, successor of Datu Kalantiaw lll, Manduyog Hill is 500 ft. high and in it are life-size Stations of the Cross that wind upwards the hill. Sprawling below the hillside is situated the beautiful 99.92 hectare campus of the Aklan State University, considered the oldest school in the province now offering tertiary and graduate academic programs.