What can BATAN offer?

Festivals and Events

BATAN ATI-ATI MALAKARA FESTIVAL – The participants celebrating this festival put on paper mache masks matching prepared costumes. The festival is observed in honor of the Sto. Niño with merriment and street dancing along the streets and plaza of the town center for an abundant harvest, prosperity and peace. A holy mass is celebrated on Sunday morning prior to opening the contest proper in a parade of participating tribes.

JUEZ DE CUCHILLO – This annual celebration is observed in commemoration of the 74 Batangnons who were ruthlessly mass murdered in the hands of the Japanese invaders on the fateful day of October 19, 1942. Highlight activities include a commemorative mass offering, civic parade and program located at the actual site of the so-called massacre, and the re-enactment of “Juez de Cuchillo”.

Spots and Attractions

KALANTIAW SHRINE – It used to be the seat of government of Raja Bendahara Kalantiaw lll, then the third chief of Panay and promulgator of the famous Code of Kalantiaw. Its marker was constructed by the Philippine Historical and Cultural Society.

OB-OB HILL – 200 meters high, this hill resembles a lighthouse facing the Sibuyan Sea. Underneath the hill is a beautiful, fine sandy beach.

PRISTINE BEACHES OF BARANGAY SONGCOLAN, MANDONG, NAPTI AND MAMBUQUIAO – Stretches 10 kms. more or less from Barangay Songcolan, Mandong Napti and Mambuquiao. Resto bars, and other facilities and amenities along the the vast expense of Batan Bay, Tinago Lake, Sibuyan Sea offer a relaxing hideaway from the hustle and bustle routines. More so, Mambuquiao has a marine protected area and fish sanctuary. Locally called pito, it has the highest live coral cover in Salian Bay and is ideal for people who enjoys snorkeling and scuba diving.

CAMANCI FALLS – This body of water attributes the natural scenery of freshness and wilderness.

ANGAS WHITE STONE MOUNTAIN – The place is suited for trekking and mountain climbing. Known to locals as “Puting Bato,” it is also a protected area for wildlife. Puting Bato is the habitat of rare species and mammals, birds, wild flowers and endangered species.

PANDAN HILLS – Located in Bay-ang, it is a refreshing verdant hills overlooking the Sibuyan Sea.

OUR LADY OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION PARISH CHURCH (Eastern Side) – The parish church in Poblacion was established by the Spanish colonizers and friars during the colonization and evangelization of Batang (Batan) and Philippine Archipelago on December 8, 1702 hence considered one of the oldest churches in the province. Nuestra Señora De Immaculada Concepcion was enthroned and venerated in the church of Batang in honor of His Majesty King of Spain. The church celebrated its quadri-centennial (400 years) of parish existence in 2002.

BATAN SEA PORT – Batan has a port located in Poblacion and considered the oldest in the province of Aklan. It is L-type made up of concrete material having a total length of 130 meters. It can accommodate inter-island shipping. The port is the shortest route entry and exit from Batan to the capital town of Kalibo via Dumaguit. A ferry boat service is available every 15 minutes.

SAN LORENZO RUIZ DE MANILA PARISH CHURCH – The parish church in Barangay Camaligan was dedicated to San Ruiz de Manila, the first Filipino Martyr and Saint, at the time of his Beautification and Canonization by His Holiness, Pope John Paul II at Vatican City formal religious ceremonies in Manila, Philippines.

CORAL GARDEN – Located in the coast of Barangay Mambuquiao, this garden consists of 170.5 hectares of marine waters and a reserve area of 709 ha. Within the fish sanctuary is the “pito” reef, which is the feeding, spawning and nursery area of commercially important species of fish. It covers a wide expanse of coral reefs about one (1) kilometer from the shoreline of the barangay northward. In this protected area by virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 2001-02, various kinds of coral formations of different colors can be found.

OLD SPANISH RELICS – From the Spanish colonization period, cannons, distilleries and old cemeteries with brick facade can be seen in Batan.

Products and Produce

Batan makes this special puto or steamed rice cake of several different flavors such as cheese and buko. A good idea for snacks, it is about 6-8 inches in diameter, big enough to fill the stomachs of a small group.