What can LIBACAO offer?

Festivals and Events

BAESA PARADA – This annual festivity held every November 24 is a contest of colorful and beautifully decorated bamboo rafts in a parade at the Aklan River and ends in Brgy. Poblacion. Moreover, the rafts are loaded with local artifacts and different produce from the farm. Coming first in the parade of bamboo rafts is called the Lead Raft wherein, the image of the town’s Patron, St. Catherine of Alexandria is visibly displayed upon in the sight of all devotees and visitors to see. Thereafter, the icon is transferred to its permanent place in the parish church in a religious procession, and subsequently followed by the Vesper Mass, a day before the culmination day of the annual fiesta celebration.

KALI-UGYON FESTIVAL – The event is usually participated by 15-20 groups, costumed in modern and indigenous outfits bringing people together on the streets for merry making and to drive away evil spirits in the coming New Year.

Spots and Attractions

TAROYTOY – It is an upland frontier and eyed as the summer capital in the Central Philippines due its high elevation, hilly terrains, thick forest covers and colder weather condition comparable to that in Baguio City, Its 5-6 hour by foot from Manika and ideal destination for mountain climbing.

THE WILD RIVER – This is the upstream of the Aklan River and is considered the longest “wild river” in the Philippines. It is also known for its “clean and clear water” and is an ideal venue for bamboo rafting, kayaking, and other water-based sports.

WATER FALLS – Libacao has numerous wonderful water falls whose cascading cold water is good for hydro massage, hydro therapy and footspa.

INLAND ADVENTURE TREK – A 2-hour upstream hiking from Manika to sitio Agbatuan in Oyang or a 4-hour upstream hiking from sitio Agbatuan in Oyang to Dalagsaan is involved in this trek.

MOUNTAINEERING – Jump-off points; Manika-Taroytoy (1 day); Agbatuan-Mt. Nausan (1day); Dalagsaan-Mt. Nangtud (3 days).

Other attractions include flora and fauna and tropical wildlife in the vast mountain ranges and forest of Libacao which had remained undiscovered and unexplored.

Products and Produce

Libacao is loaded with natural resources and minor forest products and is blessed with fertile lands and perfect weather favorable to agriculture year-round, which allowed the town to become the leading producer of abaca fiber in Region 6. The town is also a major producer of rice, cattle, bananas, copra, vegetables, bamboo, root crops, and fruits such as lanzones, durian, marang, mangosteen, seedless pomelo, chico, rambutan, and local oranges. This municipality can potentially produce high-value crops, tropical flowers and vegetables as well.