What can MADALAG offer?

Festivals and Events

TINUOM FESTIVAL – The local word “tinuom” pertains to a local highland dweller’s recipe with native chicken as main original ingredient. Typically wrapped in leaves with other basic ingredients such as salt, pepper, onion, lemongrass and tomatoes. All the ingredients get cooked in the chicken broth itself which in turn becomes a very flavorful soup. This festival paved the way for all the 17 towns in the province to showcase their own take on ‘tinuom.”

Spots and Attractions

LIKITINON WHITE ROCKS – These are beautiful labyrinth of bone-white boulders, grottoes and stone bath tubs sculpted by crystalline water gushing through the virgin jungle valley traversing one of the cleanest inland bodies of water in the country, the Timbaban River in Ma. Christina.

HANGING BRIDGE – Discover the unspoiled and panoramic scenic view of Panipiason, while you are strolling the amazing hanging bridge. Strutting along bridge is something that locals highly recommend. The man-made hanging bridge is perfect for picnic goers. A certified adventurer’s playground, the Panipiason hanging bridge is Madalag’s only hanging bridge.

AGTUGHANGIN FALLS – Treat yourself to the nature spa of cold spring in Agtughangin. Agtughangin Falls offers a breathtaking view with the forest as backdrop. Marvel on the virginal beauty of Agtughangin Falls. It’s truly a relaxing panoramic view situated in Panipiason.

Products and Produce

Madalag basically has an agricultural economy. Over 7,000 hectares of the municipality land is devoted to agriculture. Farming and home industries are the key source of livelihood for its people. Most if not all the twenty five (25) barangays grow rice while corn is planted in several upland areas. Other crops grown in this town include pineapple, camote and ube. Fruit trees such as lanzones, rambutan, marang and commercial crops like coconut and abaca are also produced. The mountainous and hilly parts are where high valued forest products such as narra, acacia, and mahogany and minor products like buri, rattan, bamboo, nipa sap and firewood are produced.