What can MALAY offer?

Festivals and Events

MALAY DAY – An annual celebration commemorating the formal separation of the municipality of Malay from Buruanga, held every June 15. The celebration is highlighted by various activities such as Discovery Tour, and Paraw Regatta.

FIESTA DE OBREROS- This festivity pays tribute to the real wealth of the municipality, the Malaynon workers and St. Joseph the Worker, Malay’s Patron Saint. The highlight is street dancing and merry-making participated by the labor sector, the barangays and the municipal government. The event also features PASADA, a showdown of dance presentations depicting the municipality’s livelihood and source of income of its people. Conceptualized in 2003, Fiesta de Obreros is now known to be among Malay’s attraction as a joyous occasion that brings people together in thanksgiving for the prosperity brought about by their tireless efforts for progress and development.

For all other festivals and events, find more information on Malay’s official website.

Spots and Attractions

BORACAY ISLAND – So-called paradise island of the Philippines and voted as among the best beaches in the world. It is noted for its palm-fringed, pristine white sand beaches, azure waters, coral reefs and rare sea shells. It has a total land area of 1,083 hectares and consists of three barangays namely, Balabag, Manoc-Manoc and Yapak.

PANGIHAN CAVE – It has eight magnificent chambers connecting unto each other, and also inhabited by hundreds of bats.

MALAY ECOLOGICAL PARK – Located in Barangay Argao, it has a scenic view of Boracay Island, planted with a variety of fruit bearing trees. In it may be found a beautiful butterfly farm in the center of the park as its main tourist attractions.

BAT CAVES – Located on the northern end of the province, these caves serve as dwelling places by fruit eating bats and may simply be reached by hiking, or with the use of bicycle or motorbike. Local volunteers guide tourists to the cave. Entrance fee is P50.

PRESERVED DEAD FOREST – Cluster of dead tree trunks found in an inland water. It is located in Brgy. Manoc-Manoc in the Island of Boracay and could be reached by hiking.

NABAOY REFORESTATION – It is situated 6 kms. from Brgy. Poblacion and locals boasts of it as the greenery area abundant with huge plantation of trees, clean air, and a nature’s refuge they call Little Baguio, with a stretch of clean river winding through it.

AGNAGA MINI FALLS AND COLD SPRING – Is located in Brgy. Kabulihan, a place where the forest and rocks meet the spring. Truly nature’s gift, this mini-falls and cold spring is deal as picnic place favorably during summer because of its inviting water and beats the summer heat.

NAGATA FALLS – is a magnificent falls and the highest among the water falls in the municipality. Enjoy the experience going there by crossing five (5) rivers and exploring the scenic, untouched nature. Feel its tranquility and be amazed of the waterfall’s splendor.

NAASUG POINT – is a 120- feet vertical cliff adjacent to the sea located in Barangay Naasug. Its white beach and underwater resources is amazing, worthy for sight-seeing, swimming and scuba diving. It’s virgin forest and cave are sanctuary to wildlife.

MOTAG LIVING MUSEUM – Showcases Filipino culture through interactive cultural expo centered on traditional farming methods in action, weaving traditional crafts, etc. A visit to this place gives visitors a glimpse of how farming communities of long ago actually lived.

Products and Produce

Many tourists would say you have never been to Boracay if you have not tried a couple of food products unique to the place. One should get a taste of the famous “calamansi muffins” which is an original creation of a coffee shop in the island. Another must-try is the well known “chori burger,” which is grilled chorizo meat that is smeared with a thick sweet-spicy sauce then placed in a bun.