What can NABAS offer?

Festivals and Events

BARIW FESTIVAL – It is a festival showcasing the unique skills of Nabasnon weavers of bags, mats and hats made of indigenous bariw leaves, and said to be the fast-growing industry in the municipality. The highlight of the celebration is a dance performance by local talents and ingenuity accompanied with the aboriginal rhythm beat of the drums or bamboo instruments. Townsfolk dance on the streets of the town, all dressed in indigenous bariw-made costumes.

Spots and Attractions

LASERNA COLD SPRINGS – Better known as the Basang and Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs, these are popular alternative summer destinations as its waters gushing from above the beautifully and naturally endowed huge rock formations are cool and clear. Locals even claim these waters are potable.

BASANG CAVE – Regarded as among the longest caves in the country, its length stretches to the municipality of Pandan in the Province of Antique and is 8 kms. from Brgy. Poblacion.

TAGOROROC ECOTOURISM DESTINATION – This tourist destination is in fact a place where one could communicate or bond with nature. It provides a fresh lifting experience especially for nature lovers. Exploring atypical sites allow you to get a glimpse of the primitive side of the natural environment. It prides itself among its neighboring communities in the Northwest Panay Peninsula as the cradle of many river tributaries, water basins and waterfalls.

Products and Produce

The Nabasnons weave sturdy and colorful bags, hats, mats, and purses from bariw leaves which brought forth the municipality’s main festival.