What can NUMANCIA offer?

Festivals and Events

LECHON PARADE – The Lechon Parade is a friendly competition among the different barangays and “lechonan” operators in Numancia. This is done annually and the contest proper is held every 28th of the month of April. Come & see for yourself all the lechon entries striking in different poses & costumes. This special event has slowly developed into another tourism spectacle for hundreds of lechon lovers all throughout the province.

Spots and Attractions

VERMI-COMPOSTING FARMS – This is an eco-friendly industry that produces quality organic fertilizers.

NAHAUNANG ATIS (FIRST AETAS) – Another worthwhile stop over is a visit to the oldest aeta village in the province located in Bulwang near the Aklan River bank.

CLUSTERED CENTURY-OLD ACACIA TREES – Get enchanted while being surrounded with fourteen century-old giant trees (from originally 17 trees) planted in 1892 in clusters. These giant rain trees (English name of Acacia) are standing tall and proud for 119 years within the Albasan Elementary School.

Beaches of Barangays Camanci and Navitas are also worth the visit.

Products and Produce

Numancia is dubbed as the home of the most mouthwatering and best tasting lechon in the province. There is also an establishment in Barangay Bulwang that offers the best pork liempo which has become famous to both locals and people from nearby cities and provinces. Visitors usually drop by to buy some for take away.