What can TANGALAN offer?

Festivals and Events

BUGNA FESTIVAL – This is a festival held annually showcasing the municipality’s different locally made products, as well as its various eco-tourism destinations such as the Marine Sanctuary and Coral Garden, Afga Point, Campo Verde, Jawili Falls, Bughawi Beach and the town’s reforestation project.

HEROES OF VIVO TANGALAN – Held every July 31, this annual event commemorates the triumph of then local residents of Barangay Vivo in the municipality of Tangalan from Spanish colonizers. It was said the local residents plotted against the Spaniards in a dinner intended for the latter and massacred them all upon having been caught drunk in the feast.

Spots and Attractions

AFGA WAVE ROCK FORMATION – This is a unique environmental phenomenon resulting from a wave and rock action on the shore.

ST. JOHN NEPOMUCENE PARISH CHURCH – It is a century old church designed with limestone wall similar to the beautiful Miag-ao Church of Iloilo. After 28 years of forced labor, the construction of the church was completed in 1889. Women, as much as men and children were encouraged to join this so-called great polo and toiled from sunrise to sunset carrying blocks of corals and limestone from the quarries in Barangay Afga to the construction site in the town center. The church building is among the oldest religious edifices in the province.

JAWILI FALLS – It is famous for its beautifully and naturally endowed seven water basins each of which are tiered and winding upwards by a distance of about 20 feet. Some of its basins are suitable for diving, the highest point may be reached at the height of 100 feet, shaped like an oval, a diameter of 240 feet and 12 feet in depth, its waters resembles like a small lake. The other basins are of similar shapes from 130- 240 sq. feet in diameter and a depth of 8-10 feet, unlike the sixth basin having a swimming area with a diameter of 540 sq. feet.

JAWILI BEACH – The white sands and crystal clear waters of Jawili Beach is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or some R&R. Jawili Beach offers a scenery similar to that of the well known Boracay Island but with the slow pace and tranquility of a small fishing village. Fishing boats line up by the beach as the majority of the local community still depend on the sea for their livelihood. This Beach is an excellent choice for a destination if you want some sea related recreation, picnics, conferences, conventions, holiday outings, and vacations.

JAWILI MANGROVE FOOTWALK – The mangrove footwalk is an added attraction for visitors in Barangay Jawili. It is a mere few minutes walk from Jawili Falls and it takes you through a lush and diverse mangrove environment. There are over twenty species of mangroves in the area, two of which are internationally rare.

CAMPO VERDE – This camp is located at Barangay Panayakan and offers activities such as mountain trekking, mountain biking, and horse back riding on a trail that extends from Campo Verde to Jawili Falls. Camping is also welcome at a well maintained campground deep in the forest.

MARINE SANCTUARY AND CORAL GARDEN – The 375 hectare Marine Sanctuary was officially established in 2003 at Pungtod Reef. Numerous species of hard and soft rock corals, sponges, shells, sea stars, sea cucumber, oysters and lobsters can be found within the sanctuary. There are varieties of colorful fish as well including Butterflyfish, Anglefish, Damselfish, Parrotfish, Surgeonfish, Scorpionfish and Sweetlips among others. Endangered sea snakes and sea turtles are also found within the sanctuary, as well as dolphins and stingrays.

Products and Produce

Tangalan abound in fresh yet affordable seafood.